Over the years, we have edited countless films from thousands and thousands of hours of raw footage and handled the postproduction for many clients. In the process, it is always important for us to exchange ideas with you and your team in order to be able to respond precisely to your needs. So that the final cut is not only a film that is beautiful to look at, but also a project that tells your story.
Below you will find a selection of clients for which we have edited, animated, color corrected, mixed and designed the sound. You can filter the projects by genre, for example if you only want to watch our corporate films or documentaries.

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postpro ... what?

Postproduction means so much more than simply editing a film. From the moment we receive the raw footage, we as editors have to archive, sort, review, align sound, create a rough cut, communicate with directors and producers, select and insert music, create sound effects, create a fine cut, communicate with clients, mix the sound, edit special effects such as green screens, correct and grade the colors of the footage, animate graphics and other parts of the video to finally deliver a technically clean video in different formats for use on different platforms.

A great deal of things need to come together to make this work.. We help you and your team keep track of your footage and shape it into a high-quality product.

color correction



By animation, we don't mean the entertainment at the next all-inclusive vacation on Maui, but the movement of 2-dimensional elements in videos. The term animation comes from the Latin animare, which means "to bring to life". This involves bringing to life text content, lower thirds, photos, paintings or logos, among other things. You can see what this can look like by clicking on our logo next to this text.

It's always important to us to not just put an effect in a video to stand out, but each animation should help tell the story of the video. The 3 letters of our rnm logo don't just build up from the bottom to the top to look pretty (even though we think it is very pretty) but rather try to show that we are building something new together although we have many years of experience. Do you also want to venture into something new? Then let's talk about animations for your next project!

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