Albert Schweitzer Kinderdörfer und Familienwerke

Albert Schweitzer Kinderdörfer und Familienwerke

Corporate Film

We have edited countless videos for the Verband der Albert Schweitzer Kinderdörfer und Familienwerke and for their members, Kinderdorf Berlin and the Familienwerk Bayern. Many of the videos focused on the search for applicants in times of a shortage of skilled workers. However, it was equally important to present the work of the association and its members.

In a 12-part series on the subject of children’s rights, children themselves were allowed to have their say and ask adults questions on the subject. These videos were designed as social clips, and accordingly had a squared format for use on Facebook and a length of about 30 seconds. One challenge in the color correction of these clips was to match the backgrounds of the videos exactly to the colors of the Cooperative Identity of the association.

In videos for the Familienwerk Bayern we were often allowed to present the great facilities of the organization. As an example, see the presentation of the idyllic forest kindergarten. It was always important to the Familienwerk Bayern that the videos did not get a glossy corporate film look and feel. Everything should look homey and preferably even homemade. That meant minimal color manipulation, no elaborate effects, and an overall calm edit that kept the people in front of the camera in the spotlight.

Production: Filmbit Filmproduktion
Postproduction: rnm

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