“Life is a feeling.” This is how Janin Halisch, protagonist of the poetic film portrait “Kaschmirweib” by director Elisa Unger, puts it. The 23-minute documentary takes the viewer right into the emotional world of the protagonist, trying to find an insight into the deeper meaning behind the words with partly abstract images, superimpositions and a wonderfully entranced soundtrack.

This is probably the only project that we are still completely happy with (despite somewhat outdated technology from today’s standpoint). It shows us again and again where the love of filmmaking really blossomed for the first time and why it’s always worth telling stories time and again. Janin Halisch sums it up seemingly simply in the film, “Because everybody somehow means something.”

Production: L-4 Institut für digitale Kommunikation
Protagonist – Janin Halisch
Script & Director – Elisa Unger
Cinematographer – Jörg Rambaum
AD & Teaser-Editing- Adolfo J. Kolmerer
Postproduction: rnm

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