Corporate Film

Nowadays, the focus is on consumption; accordingly, in our society, supposedly “old” items are thrown away carelessly after a short period of use and no longer receive any attention.

Not at Sinuscase!

Sinuscase inventor Alexander Hornung has made it his mission to repurpose old suitcases. In combination with boxes and speakers, he produces readymade mobile music systems.

From the script to the storyboard, the actual production as well as editing, color correction and graphics, everything for this corporate film came from a single source, directly from rnm. With the support of cinematographer Julian Mende, it was possible to produce an elaborate film despite the low budget, which shows the many different Sinuscases in a creative and high-quality way.

Special attention was paid to color correction in post-production. Increased saturation, with emphasis on the cyan tones of the primarily featured Sinuscase, as well as soft yellows and oranges to round out the look were meant to bring out the urban and free-spirited lifestyle that Sinuscase stands for.

Production und Postproduction: rnm
Cinematographer: Julian Mende
Actress: Fine Belger

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