How strong are we as a society, as individuals, when a crisis shakes the whole world? No matter who you are or where you live, the pandemic has changed your life. This also applies to those who supply the world with food every day: farmers. The fate of smallholder farmers often went unmentioned during the crisis.

Fairtrade FARMERS is a documentary series in real time. Local film teams accompanied activists in Indonesia, Kenya and Peru for more than half a year. They tell the stories unfiltered, in their own style.

In Kenya, filmmaker Nyokabi Kahura accompanied coffee farmer Caroline. Caroline is different than most women in her community in Kenya. Expectations are high for women to have children. As a childless woman, she experiences skepticism and distance, and yet it is in coffee growing and her cooperative that she finds support and confidence.

Director & Cinematographer: Nyokabi Kahura
Dramaturgy: Thorsten Kleinschmidt
Sound Design: Emil Klotzsch
Production: Fairpicture & Tobias Thiele
Editing & Color grading: rnm

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