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Two very similar formats were created for Deutsche Welle’s Arabic programming. “Firas Among People” presented by Firas Alshater and “In Ghalia’s Eyes” hosted by Ghalia Daghestani. The challenge? Bringing “German” topics to an Arabic-speaking audience, together with a team of translators and making them not only linguistically accurate, but above all entertaining in the process.

The topics include haggling at German markets, waste separation, asparagus queens and, of course, soccer. Although the two formats are fundamentally structured in the same way, it was very important to work out the respective character of the two hosts. On one side the somewhat clumsy “Clown Prince of Migrants” Firas Alshater, on the other the elegant Ghalia Daghestani. Up to 1.5 million viewers per episode were reached way on social media.

Production: Filmbit Filmproduktion
Postproduction: rnm

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