Corporate Film

A collaboration between Microsoft and Zeit made this project possible. Sustainability topics are presented in the Time for Climate series. In times of impending climate collapse, the public must eventually be given concrete examples on how it may be possible to steer towards a sustainable future. The cooperation between the two companies resulted in two advertorials, i.e., promotional content presented in the editorial context of Zeit Online.

In both videos, it was important to put the topics of CO2 certificates and battery development, which at first glance seem unwieldy, into a format that would appeal to a young audience. We achieved this through music montages at the beginning and end of both clips using time lapses, drone flights or split screens. The interview parts were shot with 2 cameras, allowing the static semi-close-up shot to be intercut with a moving medium shot, in which even the jump across the axis was not shied away from at times. This resulted in two videos that gave a modern twist to a classic editorial format.

Production and Title Animation: Studio ZX
Editorial: Kristina Kara
Postproduction: rnm

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