rnm Showreel

rnm Showreel

Jack of all trades

Of course, we didn’t miss the opportunity to produce our own showreel in-house. A showreel is certainly a delicate matter. Similar to editing a trailer, it is important to find the fine balance between being exciting and engaging without being overwhelming and thus boring.

Consciously, our showreel starts at a high tempo, takes a short breather, and then picks up speed again. Finally, a selection of scenes follows at the end, showcasing samples of our work in the context of a few sequences.

This mixture between trailer-like editing, as it is often used in showreels by cinematographers, and the presentation of whole scenes, which is an approach for actors’ demo tapes, is very important to us. The purely trailer-like showreel would only be able to provide only a little insight into our work. “Okay, they can do trailers, but what else!!?” The scenes in turn would be rather lengthy on their own and in times when the attention span of viewers is constantly … ooh look a squirrel! Ahem … Surely you get what we are trying to say.

The only thing about this showreel that is not made by us is the wonderfully rocking music, custom composed and arranged by the great Terry Peng to match our vision.

At this point, we would still like to thank all the wonderful people who have accompanied us in front of and especially behind the camera, without whom we would never have been able to get the superb footage for this showreel and the many projects over the years.

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