Wir Packen’s An e.V.

Wir Packen’s An e.V.

Music video / Corporate video / Volunteering

What initially began with an appeal for donations under the hashtag #machtdentruckvoll triggered a whole avalanche of willingness to help. Hundreds of volunteers donated, set up collection points or helped sort relief supplies and load trucks to bring emergency aid to overcrowded camps on the Greek islands.

Wir Packen’s An is a non-profit organization from Berlin-Brandenburg that brings direct aid to suffering people in refugee camps on the borders of Europe.

Since 2020, we have repeatedly supported the non-profit in its video work on a voluntary basis. This music video, for example, was created in cooperation with singer-songwriter Chimana. In the video, we had the task of combining footage shot by the non-profit itself with news reports and stock footage. The difficulty is to combine the authentic but not always high quality footage from crisis areas with the high quality but not authentic stock footage in a way that creates a coherent video. We created this coherence to a greater extent via color correction, which swings back and forth between two narrative levels. A desaturated view of the crisis areas and a strongly saturated view of Berlin and later of the many direct relief actions of the non-profit, which was thus able to bring some color into the lives of many people in need.

In addition, this clip, was created as a call to vote for Wir Packen’s An in the Smart Hero Award in the category “Social Action”. In the end, the non-profit organization came in 2nd place and was thus able to enjoy a rain of donations amounting to EUR 10.000.

In other videos, we helped the association report on current events, such as a joint Advent caroling in front of the Reichstag in Berlin or on the situation of refugees on the Bosnian-Croatian border.

The support of Wir Packen’s An is a personal as well as political commitment for us!

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Intro and Outro Animations: Fabian Thiel
Production: Wir Packen’s An e.V.
Postproduction: rnm

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