Quarter – Secret Bad Girl

Quarter – Secret Bad Girl


In the music video for the band Quarter, the titular “Secret Bad Girl” goes in search of the band’s members with the help of photocopies. As is typical for music videos, two image levels emerged. On the one hand the woman searching through Berlin and on the other hand the performance part of the band that was shot in the studio. In the end, the narrative planes turn around when the band suddenly finds the photocopies themselves.

The scenes with the band were graded in high contrast black and white to create the look of a photo booth. In the edit, we used split screens to dynamically present the band. The frames of the split screens were also modeled after the appearance of a photo booth. The scenes of the young woman, on the other hand, were desaturated and overexposed a bit, as well as lightly bloomed to achieve a dreamy look.

Director: Elisa Unger
Cinematographer: Anselm Belser
Production & Postproduction: rnm

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