Firas Alshater

Firas Alshater

There are these supposed standard roles: Man from Syria with a beard – what comes to mind? However, what determines the life of Firas Alshater looks quite different: Berlin hipster, dog dad, clubbing fan, electro-festival goer, YouTuber, book author, comedian, clown, motivational speaker – and extreme individualist.

Mockup of the website on a laptop and a smartphone for the comedian Firas Alshater.

In 2011, he was one of the co-organizers of the first demonstrations against the Assad regime and for a free Syria. In January 2016, he launched the series “ZUKAR Pieces” on the YouTube channel ZUKAR, whose first video “Who are these Germans?” went viral and was viewed over 2.5 million times on YouTube and Facebook. Alshater has since been considered “Germany’s first refugee Youtuber.” Time magazine even selected Alshater as one of ten Next Generation Leaders.

Besides our work on the videos for the YouTube channel Zukar, we also designed the website The brand recognition of the black and white ZUKAR design was adopted and extended by a bright yellow accent, just as the “Clown Prince of Migrants” would deserve. Above all, the minimalist design focuses on the large-format photos by Lutz Jäkel, which put the actor, author, filmmaker and, above all, human being Firas Alshater in the spotlight.

Content conception: OkayFactor
Web Design: rnm

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