Douglas Greed

Douglas Greed

Music Video

Douglas Greed belongs to the charismatic breed of DJs. He works tirelessly to add that special something to the party. With full commitment he creates a dense, pumping mix that is always original and captivating and creates many outstanding moments without resorting to obvious hits. Together with Michael “Beatklops” Nagler and Fabian Kuss a trio was formed that expanded DJ Greed with percussion (Nagler) and vocals (Kuss) and successfully toured Germany.

As part of this tour, the music video for “Masked Up & Messed Up” by Douglas Greed was shot at the legendary Kassablanca in Jena. The images captured spontaneously by Tilo Gehlmann during the concert had to be combined with close-ups of the audience’s faces masked and distorted with adhesive tape. Moreover, the unique energy of the trio’s interaction with its audience had to be preserved in the edit.

Production: Freude am Tanzen
Postproduction: rnm

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