Music Video



When the Berlin band Cosma released their album “Es hat alles seine Zeit” (There’s a time for everything), of course a music video for a single release was needed. The choice fell on the song “Milchmädchen”. (Milkmaid) Directed by Felix von Seefranz, the story of a drunken party night revolves around the titular milkmaid.

However, this night is accompanied not only by the camera of the film crew, but also by the consumer camera of the protagonist. This created a dichotomy of narrative levels in editing. On the one hand, the high quality shots and cleanly crafted scenes of the film camera. On the other hand, the blurred, low-resolution images captured by the protagonist. This had an impact on color correction in particular. The handheld camera images were desaturated and given a camera overlay with little contrast. The film camera images, on the other hand, have been given a high-quality look with increased saturation and high contrast.

Director: Felix v. Seefranz
Cinematographer: Nikos Welter
Producer: Markus Kaatsch
Executive Producers: Sara Fazilat and Roxana Richter
Postproduction: rnm

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